In what has become an annual tradition dating back to the release of the first iPhone in 2007, we’re here to sift through the rumors and reports about what Apple plans to do with their next iteration.

With buzz about the iPhone 15 growing strong over the past few weeks as we head towards an anticipated launch in September 2023, there’s been plenty of leaks and streams of tidbit coming out of Cupertino.

The biggest news today has to do with some reports that the iPhone 15 will continue to shrink the borders of their screens thanks to a new display technology which will allow for thinner bezels. And while that might be cool to see (and use), film and video pros might be more interested in what’s to come with the iPhone 15’s processor and sensor options.

An Edge-to-Edge iPhone 15

According to Bloomberg, the biggest (or at least most noticeable) change coming to the new iPhone 15 will be a new “low-injection pressure over-molding,” or “LIPO” as it’s set to be called by Apple. This new process will reportedly shrink the border size of the iPhones from 2.2 millimeters (which is the current iPhone’s length) to roughly 1.5 millimeters.

If you have or have seen an Apple Watch Series 7 you might be familiar with this design as that was the first Apple device to utilize this LIPO technology. And while reports indicate that this LIPO design should be included in just the Pro and Pro Max models, the standard iPhone itself is also set to trade in the notch in favor of the Dynamic Island as seen on the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Reports Regarding the iPhone 15 Sensor

As exciting as this edge-to-edge screen might be, it really shouldn’t change too much in terms of the iPhone’s capabilities. However, as is the case with pretty much every iPhone announcement, reports indicate that Apple is looking to step up its performance as well.

Starting with the iPhone 15 itself, we’re likely to see the base model include the A16 chip which was only included in the iPhone 14 Pro models, which should majorly improve all types of performance. The iPhone 15 overall is also set to swap out the current Lightning connector of a USB-C (finally).

However, as far as sensors go, the big news is that the base iPhone 15 will be getting the same 48MP sensor and tri-camera array as the iPhone 14 Pro models. But, as seen with these iPhone 14 Pro models, the full power of this camera sensor might have been a bit under-utilized by Apple.

Bloomberg reports that the rear camera for the iPhone 15 will be getting “major upgrades” which could include updated lenses and “the ability to get a much wider range of optical zoom on the largest model.” All signs point to a periscope-style rear sensor which should unlock some new ultra-wide and telephoto photo and video capture possibilities.

iPhone 15 on a white background

What could the new iPhone 15 look like?

Credit: Apple

All the Rumors Swirling Around Apple

All that being said, we really won’t know exactly what Apple is going to unveil until a bit closer to its expected announcement date. Still, there’s quite a bit of precedent for these rumors to be leaked out early and it’s quite likely all these new features should be expected.

We’ve been skeptical about how Apple does it in the past with its camera performance, but it’s never been a surprise that Apple certainly seems focused on improving its video performance overall with its various bells and whistles.

Still, with an expected price range that could go up to as much as $200 more for the Max model compared to the iPhone 14 launch, we imagine that most video pros would really like to see some major video spec improvements or features outside of a wider screen if they’re going to invest in this latest iteration.

Or maybe folks will anyways because, you know, it’s the new iPhone.