It’s that wonderful time of the year once again. After taking the world by storm with their popular video-focused iPhone 15 Pro (which excelled with its inclusion of Apple LOG recording), Apple is already back teasing the next iteration of their iPhone already.

The iPhone 16—to the surprise of no one—is on its way and already leaking reports as to what might be improved, or at least different, with this next model. And while we’ll have to wait to see what specs about its sensor and video recording might change, there are early rumors indicating that the iPhone 16 might get a mechanical change that could be pretty cool.

According to reports, Apple is testing a new camera-focused button for this next iPhone that could give users a tactile, mechanical button to operate the camera for photo or video—you know, like a real camera. Let’s explore more.

iPhone 16 Mechanical Button

Citing reports from The Information, Apple’s new camera-focused button could be located on the lower right side of the device, which would place it under the user’s index finger when taking photos or videos in landscape mode. This button, which sounds like it will be mechanical and clickable in a tactile sense, might actually be capacitive and more of a simulation of a button press with vibration.

The button also could end up being touch and pressure sensitive, which could be useful for different shooting modes and options for both photo and video needs. It also could be swipeable where users will be able to press and swipe in a direction to command different types of zooms or movements from the camera as well.

We don’t have any confirmation of course, but if released this will be the second new button that Apple has added to the iPhone in the past year. Last year we saw the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max replacing its traditional mute switch on the side with a mechanical action button.

iPhone 16 Rumors

iPhone 16 Rumors


What We Know About the iPhone 16

Now, besides this new button, there isn’t a lot of information about a potential new iPhone just yet. There aren’t even confirmations as to what it would be called (although the iPhone 16 is a pretty darn good guess, we’d think). And if that’s true we could expect an iPhone 16 lineup to include both regular, Pro, and Pro Max models.

However, what we can surmise from the iPhone 15 Pro is that Apple has been doubling down on photo—and, mostly, video —as being the chief selling point for these new iPhone models. As smartphones continue to become more viable for content creation and even commercial video production, the iPhone in particular is being adopted by more and more video pros.

We’ll have to wait and see just what the iPhone 16 ends up offering in terms of video recording specs, but if it at least keeps the Apple LOG recording and expands upon it even a little bit, we’ll be looking at another year of the iPhone pushing the smartphone videography narrative more into the mainstream.

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