Fresh off his domination of TV with Yellowstone, and hit movies like Sicario and Wind River, writer/director Taylor Sheridan has teamed up with Angelina Jolie to bring us a high-stakes story of survival and redemption all woven into one.

The movie is called Those Who Wish Me Dead, and it will be in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max on May 14. They released this behind-the-scenes featurette to give us a sneak peek into where this story will go. 

Check it out below. 

First off, can you believe they built a 300-acre forest in the center of a desert and then just lit on fire for production? I love movies, and that's the kind of practical magic that gets people excited to go back to the theaters. 

It's fun seeing that kind of scale and production value, but also knowing it's grounded in the journey of the characters. Sheridan made his name in Hollywood for writing some of the best, most visceral characters to appear on screen. This time, Jolie leads the way as a firefighter with some baggage. She's teamed up with a kid hunted by ruthless killers. 

I have to admit, seeing Sheridan with this level budget is exciting to me. He has a way to make things feel raw and real, and you know in his movies people will be fighting until the last frame. 

This is a western at heart, but that doesn't mean things cannot explode. 

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Source: Warner Bros.