Tilta has begun shipping its new $229 follow focus system, Nucleus Nano. The Nano fills one of the major needs in the market, which is focusing on adding follow focus ability to the small gimbal arena. Many users get excited to get their hands on a gimbal while forgetting that gimbal work requires some method of keeping the performers in focus. Of course, Tilta makes its own gimbal, the Gravity G2X, which is very compatible with the Nano, but the Nano can also be adapted to work with a variety of other workflows.


Of course, there are other "tiny" follow focus units out there in the world. The reason the Nano is news is that Tilta already has some success in the follow focus space with another unit that is almost as approachable in price, the M.

Its Nucleus-M follow focus units are very impressive for their "already very affordable" price point. While the M is very clearly setup with a focus on being used for a single operator handheld situation or as gimbal mounts with heavier two-handed gimbals, they are also showing up as the follow focus system traditional studios build.

Adding to that offering, which starts for not much more than $1000, with another follow focus unit that starts under $300 is a major move. The fact that it is not only affordable but it includes features like auto-calibration, is particularly cool.


One area to remember when buying a smaller follow focus is that it will have less power available for pushing around a difficult lens. While the press images do show the Nano built up to pull focus on an Anamorphic prime lens, which has some weight and will have some drag, that Anamorphic is an Atlas, which means it is at most 2 years old. Working with older, heavier, less maintained lenses, or working in various weather situations where the lens' focus ring might have more drag, won't necessarily go as well.

The Nano system also isn't expandable and can only do a single axis; if you think you are going to want to get iris and zoom control added to your system later, the Nano isn't the move.

Tech Specs

  • Wireless Lens Focus Control Motor
  • Wireless Hand Wheel Focus Controller
  • Up to 300' Range
  • 5 to 18V, 0.65 to 1Nm Torque Motor
  • 0.8 MOD Standard Cine Gear, Gear Rings
  • Control Run/Stop, A-B Limits
  • Rosewood-Lined Hand Wheel
  • Multiple Mounting Options Included
  • Includes Hardware, Batteries, USB Cable
  • Price: $229

For the amazing price point, the Nano is well worth a look. It's available now.