Tilta has been making some excellent (and often weird) accessories for a wide variety of cameras and DJI products. Most notably, its camera cages, special grips, handles, and super affordable matte boxes and lens control systems have made kitting out your camera super easy on your wallet.

After tackling the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera line, Tilta has introduced a new accessory for the Sony A series cameras and FX3 and FX30, the CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle.

Let’s take a look.

Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage HandleFits like it's part of the cameraCredit: Tilta

Features to Love

The Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle is a new external storage accessory that works specifically with the Sony FX3 and FX30 cameras, and the Sony A1, A7 III, and A7 IV mirrorless cameras. It also has the added benefit of working with Tilta cages.

Ta-ssh-cfa-m2_fx3_legacy2-2048x1154Credit: Tilta

It features an L-shaped design to fit perfectly with the compatible Sony camera, while still making it easy to swap batteries. The handle attaches to the camera via a single 1/4”-20 screw and features a built-in ARCA-Swiss plate.

Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage HandleEasy battery accessCredit: Tilta

Inside the unit is an internal 512GB M.2 SSD with a "mock" CFExpress Type A card that inserts into the camera, sending a stable signal to the SSD via a ductile material cable. Much like what BMD did with the URSA Mini SSD adapter.

For Tilta's unit, the write speed is 700MB/s, up to 4K in All-Intra formats.

Ta-ssh-cfa-m2_angle1_legacy2-2048x1154Credit: Tilta

The handle itself makes it even easier to do some handheld camera work without the need for a cage or gimbal, especially if you’re filming on the fly.

Tilta says the handle is anti-slip with a silicon cushion, making it easy to hold for a while. There's a wrist strap so you won’t accidentally drop your camera. And it mounts to a tripod and other accessories that are compatible with the ARCA-SWISS quick-release plate

To make sure you're recording, there is a green tally light to let you know that status. Tilta also included a built-in Type-C card reader that supports USB3.2 Gen2 and 20GBps data transfer.

Benefits for Creatives?

The obvious and biggest benefit to the Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle is not needing to swap storage cards while filming, especially during an interview, or when continuously filming during live performances.

And as mentioned above, the handle is great for handheld shots, especially since the supported cameras are a little small. The extra bulk should be a boon to creatives with larger hands.

Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage HandleSnug fit, loads of storage.Credit: Tilta

But the rule of thumb has always been to carry multiple cards that are smaller in storage, so if one fails, you don't lose all 512GB of footage. However, swapping cards, especially when filming for long periods, can ruin your shot or production pacing. Sometimes having a bigger storage medium is the best option. With the Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle, you also save a buck, as it's cheaper than shelling out for a CFexpress Type A card of similar storage capacity.

While it might not be the perfect solution for all creatives, it fills a niche and does it well. If you need a lot of storage but need to save money, this could be the tool for you. Even more so if you have big hands and a tiny camera. 

The Cost of Storage

The Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle costs $750, and if you consider the 512GB SSD vs. a similarly spec’d 160GB CFE-A card that costs $400, the Tilta wins hands down and has a nice handle to boot.

To learn more check out Tilta’s site.

Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle

New Release!
  • 512GB Storage, M.2 SSD
  • Built-In Type-C Card Reader
  • For Sony a1, a7S III, a7 IV, FX3
  • Anti-Slip Silicone Cushion

For us, this is an interesting tool for an interesting problem. It's not the perfect solution for everyone, but it's a damn good solution for the problem it fixes. 

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