The best part of the Mission: Impossible movies is seeing what sort of insane stunt Tom Cruise plans to pull off. I always think they miss the opportunity to have a Jackie Chan cameo, but that's just me. 

Well, the next 2 installments of the film are shooting back-to-back but were delayed during COVID. Cruise didn't like that so much, so he took matters into his own hands. 

The Daily Mail UK reported yesterday that Cruise allegedly rented a 500-seating capacity ship worth nearly $700,000 to continue shooting his film. Sources from the report said that the Hollywood actor rented the grandest Hurtigruten watercraft for filming most of his scenes in Norway. 

"They are terrified of further delays. Tom is determined not to see any more hold-ups," said by an unknown source. "The studio believes it will keep everyone safe and get this shoot wrapped up."

While Skydance Media, New Republic Pictures, Paramount Pictures, or even Cruise's team have not yet confirmed any of these reports, this does seem like a very Tom thing to do. 

While it seems as though Cruise's initial intention was to house the cast and crew safely, I do wonder if he will convince director Christopher McQuarrie to build the boat into the story. I would not be surprised to see Cruise diving off of it for another one of his storied set pieces. Or maybe he will just sleep on it. I guess I'll have to see the movie to officially find out.

We do know that Cruise wanted everyone to be safe from any viruses they may get outside of doing scenes. So, it seems like this decision was made as a housing maneuver. 

Still, you never know with Tom Cruise. The guy seems like he's full of surprises. I do love how much he values this franchise and wants to see the movies succeed. 

More actors should put their money where their mouth is when it comes to production. Especially ones with producing credit as well.