Tom Cruise and Elon Musk are headed to space for a new film project. The famous actor will team up with the eccentric inventor for a movie shot entirely in space. It’s not a Mission: Impossible film and no studio is in the mix, but this is a very real project according to Deadline.

Aside from Jackie Chan, Cruise is maybe the other humungous star dedicated to doing his own stunts. 

He did the Halo jump, flew his own plane, hung from the side of tall buildings, and even on the side of a giant cargo jet. 

But Earth cannot confine Cruise now. 

Elon Musk’s SpaceX program’s goal is to send humans to Mars. He wants civilization to travel the stars and colonize other planets. He's basically a guy from the plot of Interstellar in real life.  

His spaceships have been carrying cargo and doing test launches but nothing they've done before has them ready to shoot an entire movie in space. Although I'm sure they are prepping now. 

The cost of something like this must be in the hundreds of millions, especially with production insurance. Cruise almost broke his back on Fallout and on the previously shooting Mission Impossible Cruise broke his ankle in a fall. 

There's no time frame or shoot date for this, but this is definitely a story we'll follow. I wonder how you prep a crew for these kinds of excursions. You'd have to work really small. Also, what kind of story can you tell? Something akin to Gravity or Apollo 13? Maybe an action movie where they fight in zero gravity? 

The sky is the limit, but I think it will all come down to the budget. 

Musk has the money, let's see if his tech can deliver.