It's been 34 years since Tom Cruise flew as Maverick in the groundbreaking Tony Scott film. Now he's back in the air for one of the most stunning aviation feature films ever created. 

The absence of Tony Scott has forced the movie to bring in Joseph Kosinski, who worked with Cruise on Oblivion

Together, along with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, they're doing something little different this time. They're trying to do it all with in-camera effects. 

Check out this BTS video of Top Gun 2: Maverick and let's talk after the jump! 

Tom Cruise has suddenly become a method actor. But instead of brooding on set he's flying fighter jets and forcing everyone else to as well. 

I love Tom Cruise's dedication to craft. He's always making the people around him up their game, and Top Gun 2 is no different. They're describing it as a competition film. One where the main story is about Cruise challenging the recruits to be better, and a similar story on set. 

Everyone in this movie was expected to fly with real fighter pilots and get used to the 8 g's (1600lbs of force) they experience in the air. 

Kosinski's emphasis on the reality of this world is ambitious, especially when it comes to capturing the raw emotion. To do this they placed six IMAX cameras inside the cockpits to make sure they could get every angle needed in a few takes. 

But to do that, they had to hope the actors didn't pass out or puke. 

So, Cruise made everyone actually train again and again to get it right. 

To get other angles, they also used a fleet of Cinejets. These are drones that can mostly keep up with the preliminary shots of the fighter jets and are versatile enough to sail high above them and get the wide shots. 

We've living in an exciting technological age and I can't wait to see where this movie takes cinematography next. 

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