The biggest box office in recent memory belongs to Top Gun: Maverick. The movie has crossed the $900 million mark and is chugging steadily toward $1 billion.

The numbers are meaty—a domestic total of $474.8 million, and $427.1 million more overseas. But the secret of its box office success might be the people who have seen it more than once. Paramount says 16% of Maverick′s audience has seen the film more than once, and 4% have seen it four times or more. That's huge. 

Top Gun: Maverick has an A+ Cinemascore, meaning audiences are enthusiastic about it. It also has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. But the idea that over 15% of its traffic comes from rewatching is kind of astounding.

We know that Marvel movies and Titanic drew similar numbers. People have always tried to see their favorite movies in theaters. I saw Lord of the Ringssix times. I get it. But I love seeing a modern movie raking it in because it's good and because it entertains people. 

This is a very positive sign for the box office's health

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