These days, whenever one hears the terms “streamline your editing process” it most usually has to do with adding some AI-powered tool to your workflow. And while some AI innovations might prove to be helpful, there’s a large contingent of video editors and film pros who contend that nothing will ever beat editing your projects yourself by hand.

Well, not by hand per se, but by using your mouse and keyboard and a digital editing interface. Which is where the news of this new TourBox Console 5.0 comes in and their WonderFlow system, which is a true, old-fashioned console and software option to help you streamline your editing process still by hand.

Let’s take a look and how it might be a good option for you and your video editing needs.

TourBox Console 5

Released as part of their TourBox Console Software to go along with the brand’s editing controllers, this new Version 5.0 is set to include their new WonderFlow software as a tool to help editors streamline their process and customize the tools and software connected to the company’s TourBox NEO and Elite products.

“Traditional keyboards can be a major obstacle for photographers and videographers, hindering their creative flow and slowing down the editing process. In today’s competitive digital landscape, it’s crucial for small businesses and entrepreneurs to have intuitive tools that save time, money and optimize their workflow.” — Charles Lewis, Director of TourBox R&D

When combined with this new WonderFlow software, these TourBox Consoles are designed to provide users with a fully personalized and flexible creative space that should unlock a great deal of customization within their integrated software applications of choice — including apps like Lightroom Classic, Capture One Pro and even Adobe Premiere for smoother and more streamlined editing.

The All-New WonderFlow Feature

WonderFlow TourBox Console

The new WonderFlow feature in TourBox Console


At the heart of this new TourBox Console 5.0 is this WonderFlow feature which is billed as “an enhanced interaction system designed to empower content creators beyond the limitations of their native software interfaces” — which basically means users will be able to fully customize their workflows and gain productivity.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Color Grade in DynamicPanel: Select your favorite sliders and create your own DynamicPanel to adapt perfectly to your work habits.
  • Ease-Tuning: Easily select & adjust any parameter directly on the panel and enjoy the real-time visual feedback.
  • The Magic Drawer: All software functions you need can be consolidated in TourMenu. One click to call it out and select what you want. Just like a drawer, allowing you to access them whenever you need.
  • Organize with Divider: Efficiently categorize and manage functions with the use of dividers. To search without any hassle.
  • Smart HUD: The intelligent screen-interaction and visual guidance system that dynamically display relevant function names based on different case scenarios.

These WonderFlow tools will all be accessible via a new customizable TourMenu Dynamic Panel which should consolidate most of the essential parameters into a single interface.

Price and Availability

If you’re interested, the TourBox Console 5 software is available for download now and is compatible with the different TourBox console decks linked below.

These are just a few tools to help you streamline your editing workflow though, be sure to stay tuned for more news and features (both AI related and non-AI related) to help you further.