In recent years, pricing models for actual professional creative tools have become a massive headache. The quickest way to my heart as a video professional is giving me high-end tools but also giving me the power to decide which way I'd like to pay for it and which features I think I'm going to use.

There is a lot of debate over things like this, but there are basically very few options when it comes to video editing tools that offer accessibly malleable pricing options for their users. Vegas Creative Software has announced some new features and software updates that will be a very welcome entry into the discussion.

Vegas Pro 19 has expanded compositing toolsCredit: Vegas Creative Software

Vegas has introduced a new version of its flagship editing software, Vegas Pro, and has provided three flavors of their well-known video editing software ranging the gamut from aspiring editors all the way to a fully-fledged start-to-finish post application.

Each of them has an option for a subscription-based payment, as well as a perpetual license. Along with this, they've introduced some really cool cloud-connected features and even artificial intelligence-powered tools.

Vegas has updated the color correction tools in the softwareCredit: Vegas Creative Software

The New Vegas Pro 19

Vegas has now introduced a host of cloud-based features that I think offer a very interesting suite of use-cases that aren't available in other editing applications. Vegas Pro 19 introduces the Vegas Hub Window, a tool for accessing cloud storage, stock footage, and more.

With the subscription plans, you'll have access to a database of royalty-free stock footage and tutorials. The Vegas Hub also has an app, which allows you to import footage directly from mobile devices into your hub cloud storage (also for subscription plans).

Vegas Pro 19 has an entirely new color grading setup, with range-limited targeted color wheels, precise controls, instant black-point and white-point detection/correction, and expanded RGB color curves (my favorite way to grade).

Vegas has new text to speech features for narrationCredit: Vegas Creative Software

With some future-proofing updates, they've also added some AI-enhanced features like state-of-the-art upscaling (taking SD footage and converting to HD), and automatic scene detection (a feature popular with those creating social cuts). They've also added an intelligent (and multilingual) text-to-speech feature, which provides a text-generated and synthesized narration in a variety of languages.

They've also added BRAW support (in beta at time of launch), which is quickly becoming a dominant RAW codec among lower-budget and high-end filmmakers alike, and have also overhauled the entire user interface. You can now tag your projects and add notes, color and label things, and give your collaborators the ability to make notes where necessary.

Tiers and Payment Options

Vegas Creative has decided to let you choose what level of the software you'd like to use, and has given you multiple options for paying for it.

Vegas Edit is a great tool for aspiring editors and consumer level enthusiastsCredit: Vegas Creative Software

Vegas Edit

Suited for aspiring editors and consumer-level enthusiasts.

This tier includes:

  • Vegas Pro 19
  • 20 Gigs of Cloud Storage (with subscription plan)
  • Vegas Content: 20 royalty-free HD video or audio clips per month (with subscription plan)

Priced at $12.99 per month or $249 for a perpetual license.

Vegas has updated it's software for better collaboration and professional experienceCredit: Vegas Creative Software

Vegas Pro

Suited for content creators, filmmakers, social influencers, and live event producers.

This tier includes:

  • Vegas Pro 19
  • Vegas Stream (for livestreaming)
  • Sound Forge Audio Studio 15
  • Vegas Content: Unlimited access to royalty-free video and audio clips (with subscription plan)
  • +Primatte chroma keying software

Priced at $19.99 per month or $399 for perpetual.

Vegas Post has high end compositing tools for RAW workflowsCredit: Vegas Creative Software

Vegas Post

This is for folks who need a complete suite of post-production tools for high-end compositing and RAW image compositing workflows.

This tier includes:

  • Vegas Pro 19
  • Vegas Effects for high-end compositing
  • Vegas Image for RAW image compositing
  • Vegas Stream for livestreaming
  • Unlimited HD stock video and audio clips (with subscription plan)
  • Sound Forge Audio Studio
  • +Primatte Chroma Keying Software

Priced at $29.99 per month or $599 for a perpetual license.

Will you be checking out these new tools? Let us know in the comments.