Modern filmmakers and content creators not only need a well-rounded toolkit, but also the expertise to use those tools. What if you can get all that from your favorite creators?

Last Chance to Get the Video Creator Bundle

The 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle gives you all that, all while supporting incredible charities.

How does this work and what do you get? I never thought you’d ask. 

Educate, Elevate, Give to Those in Need

The 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle happens every year, and every year, creatives all around the world get the tools and tutorials they need to become better filmmakers. 

If you want to learn how to light blockbuster Hollywood movies, cinematographer Shane Hurlbut has got you covered with his How To Light Interiors course. He shot Terminator Salvation, Act of Valor, and Need for Speed, to name a few, so he may know what he’s talking about. 

Shane Hurlbut - Filmmaker AcademyA teaching moment with Shane HurlbutCredit: Filmmaker Academy

Whatever you need to become a better creative, the 5DayDeal has everything you need this year. From VFX elements and SFX sounds from Ryan Connolly of Triune Film and Film Riot to stock footage and Vintage film overlays from FILMPAC and SMASHWORKS, your toolkit will be able to handle any project you throw at it. 

Best of all, 10% of every bundle sold will go to help those in need. Here are all of the charities you’ll be supporting.

Last Chance for Romance, for Love

If everything they have to offer, 5DayDeal has won our hearts and hopefully yours.


If that’s not the case, check out the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle to learn everything about the amazing tools and tutorials on offer.

For $98, you’re saving almost $2,000 to learn how to be a better filmmaker. 

All while helping those in need.