Back in my day, the run-and-gun solo shooter was called a “shreditor.” We were routinely asked to head out into the wild to shoot our projects, produce them ourselves, then edit everything together at home.

Nowadays that’s just called "shooting a video," I guess (way less cool). For a bit in the production space it was a relatively new phenomenon that people could actually do that level of production and management themselves.

Still, whether you love or hate solo crew shooting, when the need does come up it absolutely helps to have tools like on-camera microphones and other stand-in devices that can help simulate the perks of having extra hands.

This is why we’re excited to see Zacuto launch their new MicroBOOM on-camera audio boom pole that should be extremely helpful for these exact situations. Let’s check this MicroBOOM out and see how it might be able to be your audio buddy stand-in on your solo shoots.

Introducing the Zacuto MicroBOOM

Launching as a pre-order audio boom pole, the Zacuto MicroBoom is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s an audio boom pole that can attach to the top of your camera or rig and provide extended boom support for your microphone so that you can better record your interview subjects or scenes—most specifically when you’re shooting solo.

The Zacuto MicroBoom is lightweight (5 ounces) and features a telescoping carbon fiber design that allows it to extend from 14 to 35 inches to help you capture audio close to your subject while keeping the mic securely out of frame.

The MicroBoom unit comes with an internal cable that comes out of the bottom portion of the bole as a coiled cable and includes a 3.5 mm connector that you can attach to your camera. The unit also includes a cold shoe and NATO rail that should provide the best camera mounting options.

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use

While the concept of an attachable boom pole isn’t anything completely new, this version of an on-camera attachable MicroBoom pole does stand out for its lightweight and ease of use. Instead of setting up a C-stand and boom pole mount and hoping everything stays in place from afar, having a steady device from a familiar brand like Zacuto should be a welcomed option for many solo video pros.

Still, this MicroBoom might be best suited for those working on web content-focused projects as it pairs best with your standard mirrorless cameras or smartphones. If you’re shooting with higher-end mirrorless or cinema cameras you’re probably going to want an actual audio technician on set too.

But since the MicroBoom can connect directly to your camera or smartphone, it’s a great tool to have if you’re looking to solo record talking head interviews and you’d like to keep everything right in front of you as you stand behind the camera—and also, of course, conduct the interview yourself.

Price and Availability

If you’re interested in the Zacuto MicroBoom at all, you’re in luck because it’s not a hugely expensive piece of equipment to invest in and utilize from time to time. If I were still shooting a ton of run-and-gun solo content I’d certainly be interested in keeping a pole like this in my bag (or trunk of my car) to use when the need might arise.

The Zacuto MicroBoom is expected to start shipping here in March and you can check out the full specs and purchase options below.

  • Lightweight On-Camera Boompole
  • Adjusts from 14 to 35 inches
  • Internal cable Included
  • Cold Shoe and NATO rail mounting
  • Rotatable mounting extension
  • Weighs only five ounces
  • Telescoping carbon fiber design

Zacuto MICRO Boompole

Get close to your subject to capture clear sound at optimal levels with this MICRO Boompole from Zacuto. The lightweight, on-camera boompole weighs only 5 oz and has a telescoping carbon fiber design that allows it to extend from 14 to 35 inches to get you capturing audio close to your subject while keeping the mic out of frame.

Solo Shoot with a Boom with the On-Camera Zacuto MicroBoom Pole