In a world that's gone entirely remote, from happy hours to presentations, to online dating to FYC campaigns to the kid's karate, it might be useful to have a tool that lets you stand out, share information, and even disappear at the click of a button. Well, look no further than mmhmm (that is not a typo).

The app, an All Turtles endeavor, promises to move us away from being “heads-in-a-box” with interactive enhancements for video conversations and presentations. It's essentially Zoom on steroids, offering a slew of features. You can share your screen, show multiple speakers, resize yourself, use background animations, go live, have multiple presenters share slides, and tons more.

As stated on its website, mmhmm was “born of necessity" and "built for enjoyment.” Phil Libin, co-founder and CEO of All Turtles and former CEO of the ever-popular Evernote, promises that with mmhmm, your productions can look more like Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update and less like a Microsoft Powerpoint slide deck. 

Overall, utilizing an interactive presentation tool can prove to be exciting for filmmakers and content creators. You can make newscasts without green screens, interactive presentations without sharing your screen, or even disappear like magic. The prospect of bringing your post-production editing live to your video chats can save time on post-production elements such as adding stills "over the shoulder," or editing back and forth during a conversation between two colleagues. 

If you're ready to break out of the box, and you’re a Mac user, you can sign up for the Beta waitlist on the mmhmm siteThe platform is expected to arrive for Windows at a later date. Same for its mobile app. Until then, most of us will be stuck with Zoom, Skype, or Google Meets.