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Does 7toX for Final Cut Pro X Actually Work?

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Yes, very well. But also, not quite. With Apple’s 10.0.3 release of Final Cut Pro X, they added multicam support and a host of other features, but more importantly for some, they finally made it possible to move projects from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X. Well, that’s not quite true. Apple didn’t actually make this possible – they are promoting the product of a 3rd party, Intelligent Design, to facilitate upgrading old projects. Here’s a quick overview of the process:

There’s a great write-up at ProVideo Coalition that details the process of taking a fairly complicated Final Cut Pro 7 project and bringing it into Final Cut Pro X. From their blog:

As different as FCP7 and FCPX are I don’t think anyone would expect prefect [sic] fidelity when moving between the applications unless Apple had designed some type of conversion in from the start. Yes they are different but they both have timelines that pretty much stack clips vertically, both have different camera angles grouped into one clip and both have places to store that original footage so they are similar enough that a good conversion is possible.

Intelligent Design seem to have really done their homework and have created a product that actually does what Apple has thus far refused to do: allow us to carry over our projects from Final Cut Pro 7. If you’ve got a relatively simple project, 7toX should work almost perfectly. If you’ve got a complicated multicam project, you may run into a few issues. But as Scott Simmons at ProVideo Coalition points out, this is partly the fault of Final Cut Pro X and the way that it deals with audio. There is a detailed list of everything that does, and does not translate on their website.

7toX costs $9.99 and is available in Apple’s Mac App Store. While I don’t like paying money to introduce functionality back into software that should already have it, $10 is a small price to pay for those of us who would like to add FCPX into our arsenal, but require the ability to open FCP7 projects.

If you’re already using the app, feel free to share your experiences with it in the comments.

Link: 7toX for Final Cut Pro – Mac App Store

[via ProVideo Coalition]


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  • I thought you were using Premiere…?

  • FCPX file management still blows. Something tells me they aren’t going to be fixing that any time soon. Plus, the work arounds to the bad file management seem like more trouble than its worth. i.e The sparse image method is a resource hog.

    • Upon what, specifically do you base your statement? The previous versions of FCP were clip-based. FCP X is entirely new and file-based. Please explain.

      Thank you.

      • Until they replace media manager so I can literally copy an entire project to a new drive – i agree fcpx file system blows. And yes, I know there are tons of complicated work arounds – but seriously it is counter-inuitive.

  • I’m using Premiere… this post was written by Joe Marine. I’m still waiting on my developer to get bylines up on the site… a bit confusing as it is.

  • Perhaps I did something wrong, but this app totally failed me. I cut something in FCP7 and was going to try finishing in FCPX because I’ve heard good things about the color correction (for a project the magnitude of this particular one).

    Cuts seemed to be fine and all in place but my audio (recorded externally and synced originally with pluraleyes) was all over the (wrong) place. I scoffed and gave up for lack of time. Maybe I’ll try again later.

    • I also used plural eyes for my audio and now I can’t open the xml on fcpx at all. Unlike everyone else here I have come to love fcpx. I understand it’s flaws but to me as an editor it’s biggest flaw is not being true to it’s consumer and allowing files to be read seamlessly by both. Without that it might as well be called something else all together.

  • I have 7 one hour projects, actually 44 minutes each.. every time I try to do this 7toX almost at the end.. Final Cut X crashes.. The update did not work for me.. I did send the XML to Intelligent Design. They have been very helpful.. I hope the can make it work because I love Final Cut X and it is the only program I plant to use..

  • Thanks for the coverage, but the company name is Intelligent Assistance. We have, in fact translated very, very complex projects using 7toX. What we are seeing now are the outlying cases – examples we’ve not seen in any of the dozens of FCP 7 projects that were converted.

    Each XML file that fails needs to be sent to us info @ so we can fix the remaining issues. Alex, particularly we’d like that XML file as it does appear we’re losing sync on merged clips. It’s fixable but we need the XML files to find the problem.

    Philip Hodgetts
    Co-designer 7toX for Final Cut Pro

  • Pretty shabby when you have to rely on 3rd parties to sort out your own short comings.
    Bad Apple.

  • Scott Simmons on 02.23.12 @ 5:22PM

    Hey thanks for finding that “prefect” typo at the end of my article!

    • I tend to be a little obsessive about spelling, and I thought it was a good quote, so I figured I should clarify. Anyway, I thought your article was great and in-depth – that’s why I shared it here for our readers!

  • Why not just quietly correct an obvious typo rather than draw attention to it and distract from the message you are trying to convey? Using the Latin ‘sic’ is just too precious.

  • Oops. I mean ‘detract’. LOL.

    • For the reason above – but also for journalistic integrity. It’s not proper to take a direct quote and alter it in any way. You can feel free to call BS on that, but again, I’m just obsessive about those things.

  • I don’t care what platform you work on, moving projects to any more than a (dot) update is not sound business practice.

  • John Mark Clawson on 03.24.14 @ 10:12AM

    Any idea if 7toX can work for converting a usable .XML for Premiere Pro CC? I don’t have a copy of Final Cut Pro 7 to convert a Final Cut Pro 7 project I was given for Premiere Pro CC.