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RED Goes ProRes and 48GB REDMAG SSD Drives Are Now Available

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It looks like it’s RED Day here at NoFilmSchool. Both Sony and RED have been making a lot of noise in relation to new products (or price reductions). We’ve got the new F5 and F55 cameras, and a new 4K recorder from Sony, and while we can’t be sure of the final price just yet, it’s clear RED and Sony both view compressed formats as important (even if one might say 1080p/2K is a “scam”). The new RED Meizler Module, which features all sorts of wireless controls and proxy recording, now officially supports ProRes. Another major milestone for RED, they’ve also released the cheapest media available, a 48GB SSD, and it’s in stock in the RED store if you’d like to order it. Click through for more details.

Here is what Jarred Land said about the announcement on REDUser:

I am proud to announce that the Meizler Module now supports recording to ProRes to REDMAG Mini cards.

You will be able to record 720p, 1080p and 2k in ProRes 422 LT and HQ flavors.

Sample record time on 256GB REDMAG mini : 6.5 hours @ 1080p 24fps 422 ProRes LT , or 16 hours at 720p 24fps 422 ProRes LT

On speeds, 60fps max all the way up to 2k with max quality.

Brain cannot and will not record ProRes onboard. Not really a mantra but a philosophy. Our foundation is not only based on Resolution, but RAW as well, and we really feel strongly about it.

The good thing is.. if you disagree.. or whomever you are working for disagrees, you now have an option that as a complete package, is still smaller than the competition and does a whole shitload more… plus you get the best of both worlds.

It’s important to note if you missed it that these new modules take a completely different SSD than the traditional REDMAG. The new mini MAGs are much smaller, closer in size to the SxS cards from Sony, and ironically, Sony has just introduced a bigger card for 4K acquisition. While RED hasn’t said if the new module will support ProRes 4:4:4, Jarred explicitly stated that the new module won’t not support it, so they very well may be going through another process with Apple or internally within the company to enable this.

As far as this technology goes, we’ve already talked about the possibilites that may exist thanks to the new $13,000 Meizler Module. RED has put a lot of R&D into this guy, and what better way for them to recoup more of it than to release a proxy only module that is smaller and costs less. They can reuse at least some of the same tech, but it would also open up 1080p and 2K recording in a lot smaller rig than adding an external recorder, especially when 4K or 5K isn’t needed. The guys at RED have also alluded to this new proxy only module, so I think we can certainly look forward to this sometime in the future. Depending on what happens with SCARLET prices, a cheap module could mean great 1080p recording and internal 4K in a package that will still be smaller than most.

The new 48GB REDMAG SSDs were also quietly introduced. Instead of a full announcement, they’ve just been made available in the RED store. While these new cards are the cheapest at under $500, from a price per GB point of view they are not the best value in the RED line, though if cost of hardware is important, they may be good for people just getting into the RED system, or for those who want a cheap backup card just in case. These new REDMAGs are specifically designed for the SCARLET, and they will not handle all of the data rates that the EPIC compatible SSDs can handle. This is similar to how the new 512GB SSD (which is actually the best value from a price per GB standpoint) is designed specifically to handle the data rates and frame sizes of the new Dragon sensor.

It will be interesting to see if RED does anything with SSD prices, as they’ve already reduced them once before, and media is always getting cheaper. While people want cheaper cards, they also have to consider the stress testing that RED performs to ensure that the media is reliable, and in an industry where everything is a variable, the last thing you want is your media failing or dropping frames.

What do you guys think? Where do you think the SCARLET stands in value if they can get out a very good 1080p/2K proxy module for under $5,000? How about the EPIC?



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  • a little late on this one, no?

  • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 6:07PM

    Again good info, love the site for all film related activity. Interesting is the only word at the moment, new module sounds nice but again ive heard before that 2k from a red epic/scarlet is terrible in terms of picture quality , very noisy, because ive heard that it is windowed, add to that the down talk and nasty words coming from JIM recently and it would not suprise me Red would not allow the best resolution at 2k.

    4k is beautiful but again unless you are shooting music videos for a living , 4k is just too expensive for most at this time to shoot even a small feature because of no nice resolution and the inability for red to produce 1080 and 2k in camera(suspect) which wont allow for third party recorders (again suspect and bullshiiit).

    Unless the 2k picture is decent owning a RED is like a comon man owning a ferrari or LAMBO, sure you can save up all your pennies to buy the car but dont forget that the oil change and regular maintenance is 10x times the price of a ford or mercedes and thats just the oil change. “Owing a luxury car is not hard or imposible its the ‘UP KEEP” that will really break your pocket

    • The 2k that the Meizler records is downsampled, so if you’re shooting to 5k raw, the Meizler’s doing 2k downsampled from 5k.

      And the camera by itself can output a downsampled signal recordable to a third party external recorder, and Red has even given this process their blessing, so I don’t know where you got the idea it couldn’t. I’ve done it myself.

      • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 6:32PM

        Gothca and appreciate the info, but i thought the module was an extra $3,000. So is the module $3,000 or $13,000 confused on price

        • The Meizler is indeed $13,000 (keep in mind, recording to ProRes is just scratching the surface of what it does, among many other things, it’s also a control module for lens servos if the camera’s on a remote rig on a crane…it’s kind of a jack of all trades). There is speculation they may bring out a module that is only for recording 2k ProRes/DNxHD, but that has neither been confirmed nor denied.

          Without the module, you can still record a clean 10-bit downsampled signal from the HDMI or HD-SDI with a third party recorder.

  • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 6:39PM

    just looked at RED site, module sounds promising and amazing but at $13,000 no deal for me, however having the module priced so high with newer lower media, this only points to the direction of a RED SCARLET PRICE DROP, i would not be suprised with a $6000 scarlett, seeing that the more practicle module would be $13,000 in addition to the cheaper brain. Trust RED aint fools and will make up for price one way or another, but at 8pm eastern , i have a feeling red will shake up the world

  • I don’t agree with the iminant price drop. For a company looking to posture as the best camera out there, reducing its worth in response to market pressure seems like a conflict, when priced lower, I think it’s fair to assume its repositioned according to an inferior value proposition with respect to the competition. I don’t see how this will help brand representation.

  • I think that Red’s stubbornness regarding in-camera recording options is tone-deaf, counterproductive, and ignores a sizable potential market. Plenty of us that would love to buy an Epic or Scarlet could more easily justify the purchase and recoup the investment if the cameras could be deployed in quick-turnaround, web-delivered corporate video jobs. I rented an Epic for such a job a few months back due to client curiosity, and they hated the cumbersome workflow and significantly increased storage costs. The ability to deliver high bit rate 1080P footage at the end of the day would be the difference that allows these cameras to work on the paying jobs that young cinematographers need to take in order to pay for the gear they want to own for their narrative and higher-end work. And a $13000 module in order to take these jobs makes no financial sense.

    In this regard, Sony’s newest cameras look to be just what this population is asking for. Lean and mean for fast web delivery, scalable in camera, with modules perhaps, to 4k for features and commercials. Sensible and versatile.

    • RED’s latest firmware upgrade allows 422 through HDSDI enabling the use of an Atomos or Hyperdeck Shuttle. Stubborn? I’m not sure they are. The Meizler just seems like a way to easily get dailies encoded as 1080p than a real acquisition format. It was created by Soderberghs AC right? I’m sure watching dailies on iPads is what its for; a production company would easily buy the Meizler to keep the suits busy.

  • When apple did this proprietary crap they almost went out of business, when they stopped that practice they became the most powerful company in world!!! go figure????
    why is there no red thunderbolt red mag option… HUH!