Nfs4Thank you to everyone who took the No Film School survey I posted a week ago -- you've confirmed that we are indeed a bunch of multi-hyphenates. Only 13% of respondents had one answer to the question, "what do you do?"

Looking at the survey results I thought, "fine! None of you care about contests, grants, and other opportunities!" But the votes were there, they just weren't being counted -- an issue of (virtual) hanging chad. Google Docs apparently has a bug wherein the summary displays 0 votes for any categories that were changed from the first draft of the survey. As a result I couldn't click "embed results" and be done with it, I had to screenshot the graphics and blah blah blah. Anyway, I'm glad to see a few people selected the red herring options: rather than just give you two gender options ("Man" and "Woman"), I added a third ("Maman"), and I'm glad to know that either A) some of you share my sense of humor, or B) some of you are transvestites or hermaphrodites. Welcome, hermaphrodites! Or, sorry -- apparently the correct term is now intersexes.

Not everyone answered every question but there were, on average, 200 selections per question. Thank you to everyone who took it -- this is very helpful in figuring out what content to post here going forward. Ze results:


As a bonus for making it to the bottom of the page, here is a tutorial on using Roto Brush, a very cool time-saving new feature in Adobe After Effects CS5Image-3878565-10469529.