Are you happy with your DSLR support system? I'm not -- for a number of reasons -- but chief among them is the issue of front-heaviness. As much as possible I'd like my 5D to behave like a 35mm (motion picture) film camera, which would mean moving some of the weight of the camera (and the lens, and the matte box, etc.) off the arms and onto the shoulder. Viewfactor's CONTINEO powered cage looks like it might be a nifty way to do this, by virtue of hooking up the DSLR to a Anton Bauer brick battery -- which can be positioned behind the shoulder as a counterbalance. Here's a quick preview of the CONTINEO from Cinema5d:

This is a serious piece of kit, and it'll be priced accordingly at $1k. Of course, it's not only a powering system: it's also a cage enabling monitors, audio recorders, lights, etc. to be attached to the camera -- and most of those accessories will cost more than $1k, so it's a justifiable expense assuming you're working with pro gear. If you're on more of a budget, Jag35 makes a $150 cage. Note that the CONTINEO is not shipping yet, and Viewfactor has had some issues filling their follow focus orders, so you might want to wait until it's shipping to order if you're interested.

Link: Cinema 5D Quick Take: Viewfactor Powered Cage For Canon 7D