30f762d50a36709dd83ddefa9ca33de6Not to keep harping on the new Mac Pro, but I'm not the only one scratching my head about the future of Macs for professional content creators. The above quote about Apple comes from Digital Imaging Technician Brook Williard, in a post on his blog titled The state of Apple’s professional line. Brook's post jumps off with the following: "512 days after the last update, Apple introduced the new lineup of speed-bumped Mac Pros and further established their abandonment of the professional community... With the 2010 Mac Pro update, Apple has literally created a machine for nobody."

To support his argument that Apple is abandoning the professional community, Brook also brings up that pesky Quicktime gamma issue; the elimination of ExpressCard slots on MacBook Pros (my 15" 2006 MacBook Pro has an ExpressCard slot; the new 15-inchers do not); and Final Cut Pro's lack of 64-bit optimization and multiprocessor support. His post is a must-read if you're not yet convinced the new Mac Pros are anything short of disappointing -- and is good brain candy about Apple's changing priorities. I promise the next post here will not not mention "Mac Pro" once!

Link: The state of Apple’s professional line