Showimage-imageurl-storage-post-images-celtxscript_land-224x163As a desktop screenwriting application, Celtx has never threatened industry stalwarts Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter, despite its advantage (in terms of adoption) of being free. However, it seems the just-released mobile version of Celtx is ahead of the game instead of playing catch-up. "Digital rebel" Stu Maschwitz kick off his post on Celtx with the following:

Kudos to Celtx for figuring out exactly what to include and what to leave out when designing a screenwriting app for mobile devices. Celtx Script (US$9.99) is the first iPad screenwriting app that “just works” in the way that Apple users expect. This is a welcome surprise given how clunky and homely the desktop Celtx application is on OS X.

It looks like the developers are going through some growing pains, however, as Apple's variable approval time took the team by surprise as their app went live on a Saturday. Without the proper syncing plugin in place from the get-go, the initial user reviews in iTunes are decidedly negative; if everything goes smoothly from here on out, perhaps they'll improve steadily and the $10 mobile app can make some inroads for Celtx -- not just in terms of popularity, but profitability as well.

I'm on Android so I haven't had a chance to check out the iOS program -- any iPad screenwriters out there?

Link: Celtx Script iPhone/iPad app