Denoiser-224x125When Red Giant Software released their latest Magic Bullet product, Denoiser, I wondered how it would compare to my plugin of choice for noise reduction, Neat Video. Now, thanks to Andrew Reid at EOSHD, I don't have to do this comparison myself, as he's just compared the two:

One of my issues with Neat Video (my only one, really) has been its speed, or rather, lack thereof. The plugin does not utilize the GPU, and as such processing times can be quite long (though this was much more so the case on my laptop than it is on my Hackintosh, which is many, many times faster). However, Andrew notes that in his experience Neat is in fact faster than Magic Bullet, and for both speed and quality he ends up recommending Neat over Magic Bullet. Click on through to the EOS HD post for some 1:1 crops, and be sure to download the original video (the link is in the right-hand column) for better analysis.

Link: - Neat Video Vs Magic Bullet Denoiser