Crumblepop-224x126The go-to slow motion plugin in many an editor's toolbox is RE:Vision Effects' Twixtor. Twixtor can often stretch a shot originally filmed at 30 or 60 frames per second into Matrix-like levels of slowness. However, the enterprising guys at Crumblepop have come up with a way of achieving this same effect using the Optical Flow filter that ships as part of Apple Motion. Here it is in action:

Pretty mind-blowing, right? Well, in addition to the tutorial below, they also pulled another ace out of their sleeve: the rain is added in post with Trapcode Particular 2. The droplets certainly help sell the effect, though the slow-motion alone -- considering it's being re-timed from 60fps footage -- is amazing. Here's another demo:

Okay, so how did they do it? Here's the tutorial for how to achieve this effect in Apple Motion.

More about the Crumblepop guys on their own site as well as over on planet5d.