Cipher-e1301000147395-224x148I meant to post this months ago, but like so many stories on this under-staffed (single-staffed) site, it slipped through the cracks. Then the NewTeeVee article Forget Festivals, Go Online Instead re-brought it to my attention, and so here it is: if you haven't already seen The Thomas Beale Cipher, the animated short directed by Andrew S. Allen and produced by Jason Sondhi (both from Short of the Week), here's the 10-minute texture-tastic mystery in full:

There are 16 hidden messages in the film -- good luck finding them all! Related and required reading: How We Launched Our Film Online: The Thomas Beale Cipher, which includes the following graphic:


As you'll see in the full post, it's not the either/or situation that the headline "forget festivals, go online instead" makes it out to be. But as I've said on more than one film panel in the past, a short is a calling card. No one's going to get rich off a short, and therefore the #1 goal with a short should be to get it seen by as many people as possible, and to in turn create future opportunities for yourself. And that's where the internet is second to none...