Ikan-nab-224x140ikan had one of the more visible booths at NAB thanks to the extremely bright yellow shirts worn by all of their reps, in conjunction with the plethora of LED lights lining the booth. I knew about their DSLR support systems, but I didn't know that they've been expanding into all areas of production equipment, as they were showing off on-camera lights, table-top dollies, bags, and monitors -- both of the on-camera variety (their $1k 1024x600 VX7e monitor won a Videomaker best in show award) and the studio kind, with their acquisition of the ultra high-end Cinemáge monitor line.

Here's a look at their booth from the guys at NextWaveDV:

One thing not covered in the video that I was excited about: a very cool tablet application (Android and iPhone) that is a digital slate, model release form, shot list/logger, and general production manager. When the iPad was first demonstrated I had an idea to create exactly the same thing, and while I never had the time or resources to do so, I'm excited to see one coming to market soon (there are a number of applications that include these functions individually, but it should be nice to have something that brings such functionalities together). The Android version should be out late summer with the iOS version to follow.


Disclosure: ikan is an advertiser on No Film School.