A-cam-dii-ibc2008-outerjpg-125x69I haven't stopped by camera startup ikonoskop's booth for more than a few seconds yet, because of their history of announcing a camera and not shipping it for years. But their new dII is apparently shipping in limited quantities now, and so I'll definitely take a longer look -- I will say that the images on their monitors looked great. The guys at NextWaveDV stopped by their booth to get the lowdown on the RAW-shooting (Cinema DNG), diminutive A-cam dII:

The website lists the camera at € 6,950, which translates roughly to ten grand in the US. The sensor is 10x6mm (roughly the size of 16mm film) and it shoots 1080p at 1-30 FPS. I think it's probably going to be hard for ikonoskop to find a market -- when they originally announced their first camera (now known as the A-cam SP-16) in 2003, it got plenty of buzz, but now the market is being flooded with cameras that have larger sensors, shoot faster frame rames, and/or are cheaper. Still, good luck to the small Swedish company... as I said, the images were very solid. I'll check it out again tomorrow.

Link: ikonoscop DII