Alexa-plus-page-bottomI'm not going to go into much detail on Sony's new F65, which I covered at launch, or the new offerings in the ARRI ALEXA lineup, because cameras that run six figures aren't exactly the purview of DIY filmmakers (though they're nice to think about, at least as a rental). Briefly, here's what I saw at NAB about the latter: the ALEXA has gotten a number of new features, upgrading it to Plus status -- 3.5K ARRIRAW codec, 120FPS shooting mode in 2K (which was working fully on the camera I toyed with briefly), and iPad wireless camera control. There are also two new models -- the ALEXA M, which separates the camera head from the recording body, and the ALEXA Studio, which has a mechanical shutter, optical viewfinder, and 4:3 sensor with anamorphic de-squeezing. And of course, Sony has their new F3.

I'll let the hard-working guys from FreshDV and NextWaveDV take it from here:


Sony Interview


I did hear a rumor elsewhere on the show floor that the ALEXA Studio will be $120k-180k -- more than double the price of the base-level ALEXA.