Youtube-logo-21-224x99There's a growing number of video producers that enjoy creative and financial freedoms today whose job description didn't exist a few years ago. I'm talking about YouTube channel producers, who employ a skill set that is often very different from what they teach in film schools. We've covered some audience-building tactics in the past, but here's some advice on building a successful YouTube channel directly from YouTube exec Bing Chen, via Daisy Whitney's interview on New Media Minute:

[Editor's note: this video is no longer available]

Tagging videos, responding to videos by others, and cultivating online relationships may not be the most glamorous tasks out there, but oftentimes your success in the YouTube ecosystem depends as much on social management as it does on the quality of your videos. I'm not endorsing that fact, but it is what it is, and it's something independent creatives should be aware of when setting out to start a web series and choosing an online video service.

[via FilmmakerIQ]