Kipromini-224x119One of the main differences between cameras costing >$10k and cheaper HD/DSLR camcorders is the recording codec. Out of necessity (or simply because manufacturers want to differentiate their lineups), the cheaper cameras generally ship with a lossy compression scheme that doesn't hold up as well to color correction. The solution is an external recorder (provided your camera has a good HDMI or HD-SDI output), and the Aja Ki Pro Mini is a nicely-sized $2k recorder that uses Apple ProRes (pictured next to its bigger brother, the Ki Pro). The Ki Pro Mini has been out for a few months but it's been fairly hard to find in terms of availability, and now it's in stock at B&H Photo. For anyone who's been thinking of upgrading their current rig with an external recorder, the Mini is a top candidate; here's a review at ProVideo Coalition.

Link: AJA Ki Pro Mini In Stock - B&H Photo