Stormfeatures_creative_grading1-224x123In a hypothetical future wherein I start shooting on a RED camera, one of the first things I was planning on doing was getting The Foundry's Storm post-production (and on-set) software. The RED folks really seemed to love it, as they were quoted on the Storm product page, and at this year's NAB I was impressed by The Foundry's numerous demos (some of which took place in RED's tent). But then RED released REDCINE-X PRO this week -- their own version of Storm, in a lot of ways -- and now The Foundry has officially killed Storm, at a nascent version 1.04. While Storm was priced very affordably, putting it well within the range of indie filmmakers -- $375 -- REDCINE-X is free, and you can't beat that. Via fxguide, here's the official word:

Like the rest of you, we were very intrigued to see REDCINE-X PRO. We love the look of it and see it as proof of RED’s commitment to its professional users. STORM is a professional tool for RED users and now that REDCINE-X PRO has emerged, justifying investment in developing STORM becomes harder and harder against free software of this breadth. We say this with a heavy heart, because we’re fond of what we’ve done. The current release – STORM 1.0v4 – is the end of the STORM roadmap for us.

The Foundry has a very impressive development team and their products, in my experience, are very well-designed; we'll see what they have in store at this year's IBC, which is just kicking off now.

As a related aside, here's the first video tutorial I've seen of REDCINE-X PRO (in this case, being put to use as part of a FCP roundtrip workflow). It's from Johnny Fegan, who calls himself a "former Final Cut Pro editor":

[via fxguide]