L-224x168I'll be live streaming/chatting the end of my Kickstarter campaign this Friday (September 23) here on No Film School starting at 9pm Eastern (the campaign's deadline at 11:59pm). If you live in NYC or are here for Independent Film Week, though, here's a great opportunity to meet and network with other filmmakers. With only 4 days left and a lot of ground to cover, I can't say whether it will be a party celebrating the SUCCESS of the campaign -- but either way it should be a fun time!

Come on down to the brand new bar/lounge/theater Indie Screen (pictured, though it should be a bit more full than in the photo!) in Williamsburg, drink and be merry, mix with other filmmakers and creatives, and share your own story (join me on-screen and let the rest of the No Film School community know what creative projects you're working on)! We'll kick it off at 8pm, start the stream at 9, and watch the countdown until midnight when we'll see the Kickstarter ticker hit "0 hours left." RSVP on Facebook please, as the venue wants to know how many people are coming and I honestly have no idea!

Link: Facebook Event