Red-scarlet-x-footage-224x93Plenty of people have asked about the wisdom behind ordering a camera sight unseen. But the RED SCARLET-X is essentially the same camera as the existing RED EPIC, with the APS-C sensor crop of a RED ONE (virtually the same as a Canon 7D) instead of the larger APS-H size of the 5K EPIC. Still, there's been a clamor to see the first RED SCARLET-X footage, and Tonaci Tran has just done the honors. Here are the first two three clips:

Before you judge the camera based on a few 30 second clips, look at the Zacuto shootout I re-posted earlier today -- every single one of those cameras, RED ONE and HDSLRs included, are capable of making beautiful images. DSLRs, in fact, are often better if you want a "just pick it up and get nice images right away" kind of camera. The RED's workflow is less about giving you a pretty image by default as it is about giving you maximum flexibility so you can dial in your preferred look during post-production. The RAW source files could be graded to look entirely different from what you see above.

Ultimately, cameras don't make good movies, people do. So if you're unimpressed by these modest clips, keep in mind that the SCARLET-X is, technically speaking, a better camera (and a cheaper camera) than the RED ONE MX that this was shot on (better to watch the HD quicktime):

Is RED EPIC is the best camera ever, or does The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo have the best cinematography ever? That's not what I'm saying. Do I think the SCARLET-X is the best camera for my purposes and for my immediate future, though? Yes, and that's why I ordered one: to make a movie. The debates online and backlash over the camera have gotten a bit out of hand. Every project has different needs. Make an educated decision, and then make the best damn movie you can with what you've got...