1314888630-224x224RED has been cranking out new beta versions of their ingest/grading software REDCINE-X PRO seemingly every week or so, and you can bet it will find a lot of new users thanks to the impending release of their SCARLET-X camera (which is supposed to start shipping this Thursday). REDCINE-X PRO is free -- though you need a very expensive piece of hardware to use it -- so here is a great tutorial from Dan Kanes, which demonstrates the flexibility of the RAW workflow:

Adobe can also work with the .R3D files natively in CS5.5 (which is 20% off for upgrades until December 31st), which leaves a couple of options open for RED shooters editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and finishing in After Effects. See this post, also by Dan, for some thoughts on how the post pipeline for RED files is changing. Will REDCINE-X eventually evolve into a full-featured NLE? It certainly seems strange to be applying one grade, outputting ProRes or DPX files, and then applying another. Dan has promised more tutorials are on the way, which should prove helpful for anyone itching to get their hands on a SCARLET (or EPIC!).

Link: Download REDCINE-X PRO