Nicolas-winding-refn-224x132Given I just closed down comments on a post about camera technology, I felt the need to post something about movies -- writing, directing, anything other than cameras! I don't think anyone would deny that Drive was one of the year's most distinctive films, and so here's a video interview with director Nicolas Winding Refn that was just posted by DP/30:

I like watching interviews, special features on DVDs, or anything of this nature that I stumble across, so I thought I'd post it here. Let me know in the comments -- more of this kind of thing?

Of course, given Drive came out in September, there are plenty of interviews with Winding Refn out there, and one of my favorites is from Filmmaker Magazine (link below), wherein Refn riffs on directing:

What’s interesting about this whole thing is [this]: a director doesn’t have to be an expert in anything, but he has to know a little bit about everything. That “everything” includes financing and global economics, directing actors, setting up camera and lighting, reading cost reports, moving money around — every little thing you need to know a little bit about.

Link: NICOLAS WINDING REFN, “DRIVE” - Filmmaker Magazine