Cinetics, the folks behind the obscenely successful CineSkates, have come out with a new product - the CineSquid.  With three powerful suction cup feet it allows you to quickly attach your camera to any number of unlikely places - the side of a car, the outside of an elevator, or even an airplane.  Check out the demo video after the jump:

Now, with a weight limit of 5 pounds, it’s not likely you’ll be attaching a fully loaded rig.  The use that immediately comes to mind, beyond the cool exteriors, is that of shooting tight interiors.  Whether you’re shooting inside a car or an elevator, being able to attach a camera to the inside of a windshield or a ceiling corner is pretty darn useful (assuming the suction cups can grab onto all three surfaces).

I think what distinguishes it from other suction cup camera mounts on the market is the versatility.  In combination with the Gorillapod Focus tripod you can attach it to uneven surfaces and have more flexibility in adjusting the camera's position and angle than most single-purpose one suction cup setups.

You can get the full rig for $235, but if you already have CineSkates, all you need are the suction cups (which will run you $120).  They've already sold out their current stock, but you can pre-order for April here.

Link: CineSquid

[via Cinescopophilia and planet5d]