Moving-takahashi-short-224x141Last week we had the terrific short filmRest. The guys over at Short of the Week, and Andrew S Allen, are not only ambitious, but have some great taste. At No Film School we've covered them before with their animated short The Thomas Beale Cipher. If you haven't seen it you should drop what you're doing and watch it, and then come back here and check out this short, Moving Takahashi, that centers around a mover and a suicidal rich girl.

The short is directed by Josh Soskin and there is some NSFW language - just in case you need to know that.

Again, we've got a combination of moving content and good cinematography, something that we should all really be striving in our work (unless that's not your thing). It was shot on Kodak 35mm with Panavision cameras, so if you're wondering why it has such lush colors and great highlight roll-off, that's your answer. 35mm might seem like a huge expense, but when you consider that everyone is moving to digital, you can actually find some great deals on rental cameras which are just sitting on shelves. The film stock is another story, but I know that Kodak has made deals with filmmakers for free film stock in the past to help promote their product. It's always worth exploring those options if you are making a film, because it's always possible you might find a deal somewhere. Figure out what you want your film to look like and find the cheapest option that satisfies that goal.

Link: Moving Takahashi - Vimeo

[via Short of the Week]