We're trying to share more actual shorts and not just camera tests here, as a difference of one stop in dynamic range from one camera to the next is not going to make or break your narrative or doc. From DSLRs costing hundreds to 4K cameras costing tens of thousands, there is a great camera out there for your budget. Still, one question all filmmakers will be asked is, "what do you want to shoot on?" and so it's still handy to keep tabs on what's available. Here are several new tests of some of the latest large-sensor imagers:

Here is a Sony F3 vs. RED SCARLET skin tone test from Timur Civan:

And here is a RED SCARLET vs. Canon C300 outdoor test (we previously posted a nighttime bike race of these two cameras, which also included the Canon 5D Mark III):

DP and visual effects artist Jim Geduldick shot this on the $25k Phantom Miro M120:

Here's the behind-the-scenes:

Finally, here's a nighttime shoot with the Canon C300, shot by Hello World Communications at 10,000 ISO:

So... with all these options out there, do you have one particular camera in mind for your next project? Is it one of the above, a DSLR, or even... film? Let us know your thoughts!