Gopro-varifocal-lens-e1342290808271-224x143Not too long ago John Hess from FilmmakerIQ shared a few videos about replacing the lens on your GoPro camera. Now he's made a new video showing how he's installed a brand new varifocal zooms lens in his GoPro which actually acts as a macro lens. With all of the new action or POV cameras announced recently, like those from Sony and JVC, it will be interesting to see if those cameras will be as moddable as the GoPro cameras have proven to be. Check out the video embedded below.

Here's what he had to say about the mod:

I ordered a 2.4-12mm varifocal zoom lens from RageCam thinking I could get a little variety with a the zoom capabilities. But to my surprise, the varifocal zoom would actually be the most powerful macro lens I’ve ever used.

Though it costs almost as much as the unit itself at $130, it's a very interesting option to make the camera even more useful. Most people purchase GoPros because they're easy to use, and small enough to put absolutely anywhere, but adding a lens modification like this one gives it infinitely more options for different types of shooting scenarios. This type of lens could be especially useful if you need the size of a GoPro but don't want the extreme distortion that is usually associated with POV cameras.

Has anyone successfully modded their GoPros with a new lens. If so, how difficult did you find the experience?

Link: RageCam 2.4-12mm Lens

[via FilmmakerIQ]