They hinted at it when they introduced their new short Tempo, but Red Giant (thanks RED for always making me want to capitalize anytime I see the word red) is now offering a giant sale (couldn't help myself) on all of their products. Each and every piece of software in the store is now 40% off for the next day or so (less than 24 hours as of this writing). Click through to check out the details and some of the major deals.


If you've been needing PluralEyes but you've been dreading the cost, now is the perfect time to save almost half on a purchase. I would assume this is some sort of holiday sale, so I wouldn't expect this to come around again (especially since it's so much off). I've been using PluralEyes for a long time now, and for me personally it has done a much better job than say FCPX's auto-sync, especially when you've got audio and video all over the place. I haven't actually gotten into Magic Bullet myself, but if you have been thinking about getting it for quick color grading, the suite is a fantastic deal with this sale.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and check out all of the savings, and when you're ready to purchase, enter the coupon code 2012BSF40 at checkout.

Link: Red Giant Sale