No one's doubting the impact that time-play can have in motion pictures. This, you'd think, would generally refer to things like time-lapse or slow-motion -- but what if some scientific breakthrough could invoke slow-motion upon real life objects, like some kind of time-warp weapon? Post-plugin powerhouse Red Giant has just released an original sci-fi/action short called Tempo that explores this possibility, and then some. It's exciting whenever a hard-concept type of film sets its premise, proceeds to meet each and every hopeful expectation you might have given that premise, and then goes even further than you could hope for. This is the case with Tempo -- check it out below. (Also, a Secret Sale soon-to-be... Shh, secret!)

I should offer a warning that there's some intense time-bending action going on here, as well as mild violence -- it's nothing you haven't seen in a PG-13 rated film, though, violence-wise. Here is Tempo, directed by Seth Worley with co-produced and co-written by key Red Gianter Aharon Rabinowitz.

Though there's not any behind-the-scenes material for Tempo yet available from Red Giant, we wanted to share it sooner rather than later -- you know, for the sake of timeliness (hey-ho!). We've previously covered another Seth Worley-directed Red Giant short Plot Device, which bears a similar duality to Tempo -- they're shorts and proof-of-plugin commercials at the same time. Creative content in exchange for being exposed to what some strong software plugins can do is fine by me.

The timing of this short (just can't stop myself) is no coincidence either -- even though Red Giant's homepage asks to keep it hush-hush -- they are allowing mailing list sign-ups to be clued into an upcoming 'Secret Sale' they'll be having. The tie-in is, of course, that the sale (as of yet undisclosed) will put the power to create every Red Giant-born thing you see in Tempo, and beyond, at what they're simply now calling a "BIG discount." If this type of plugin and effects work interests you (and if spending a lot less money than usual on the exact same product also interests you), stay tuned and sign-up at Red Giant.

Did you guys enjoy the short? How about the effects work -- obviously very important to achieving the film's goal, did the execution impress you? Will you be jumping on the Magic Bullet train when this discount drops?

Link: Red Giant Software