If you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you may not have heard all the buzz about this amazing adapter called the Speed Booster that can actually make lenses faster, sharper, and wider. How does it does this exactly? Focal reducers, as they are called, have been around forever, but as long as you've got a big enough piece of glass, it basically works like moving a projector closer to a screen. Things get smaller, but they also get sharper. The Canon Speed Booster for NEX has been available for some time, but if you are more comfortable with a native mount attaching to your NEX E-Mount, or you'd like a Micro 4/3 mount version, and you needed to be able to control Nikon G series lenses (the ones without a manual aperture ring), Metabones now has a solution for you with the new Nikon Speed Booster.



While other adapters exist, the Speed Booster is made to a very high standard. Here's a review of the previous Canon Speed Booster from Bryant Naro, which allows you to control your lenses with the camera (the Nikon Speed Booster does not do this):

Metabones had a slight delay with the Micro 4/3 version of the adapter, but now it seems they've overcome any issues, as the new Nikon adapter is shipping in addition to the already-shipping Leica R and Contax versions. We still don't know when we might see a Canon version of the Micro 4/3 Speed Booster, but the Nikon version is shipping just in time for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and the BMCC MFT (which is already in stock in many places).

Both the NEX and MFT Speed Boosters will run you $430, so it's a bit of a discount from the Canon version since you're only getting manual control in the adapter. You can find out more information and order one of your own over on the Metabones product page.

Link: Metabones Speed Booster

[via Conurus Twitter]