10,000,000 FPSEveryone knows that slow-motion makes everything cooler. It might as well be a scientific fact. However, there are cameras out there that can exceed the speed of many of our fastest cinema-style slo-mo cameras like the Phantom Flex 4K and the FT-ONE. One such camera is the HyperVision HPV-X from Japanese manufacturer Shimadzu, which can record at an insane speed of up to 10,000,000 frames per second. Of course, these super high-speed cameras are made specifically for scientific use and are typically very low in resolution, but that doesn't mean that they can't produce some absolutely breathtaking images.

Here's a quick example of what 10 million fps looks like in the form of a ball shattering a sheet of glass. Also, before you watch, put on a piece of epic music to play over the video. It makes it quite a bit more exciting. (Here's a suggestion.)

I'm not exactly sure what the playback speed is for this clip, but the considering that the HyperVision HPV-X can only record at 10 million fps in 256 frame bursts, that would mean that the actual time in the clip is in the neighborhood of 0.0000256 seconds, which is pretty mind-blowing.

Does technology of this nature have any place in cinema? Probably not, especially considering that the camera is only capable of recording at a resolution of 400 x 250. However, despite the fact that cameras like the HyperVision are made specifically for capturing scientific reactions, they still provide us with an absolute visual treat, one that's entirely unique and dare I say, slightly educational in regards to the physics of shattering glass.

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Link: HyperVision HPV-X -- Shimadzu 

[via PetaPixel]