As with last month's sitcom sendup "Too Many Cooks," this continuation in Adult Swim's infomercial parody series is best watched without any preamble. Directed by Alan Resnick and Ben O’Brien of Wham City, it's abrasive, subversive, and unpredictable. Not to mention the cognitive dissonance of watching a real ad (via YouTube pre-rolls) in order to watch a send-up of ads themselves. If you liked the above Claridryl commercial, and you haven't seen the viral hit "Too Many Cooks," here's the best NSFW sitcom that never was:

For my money, both videos are utterly fascinating, intermittently tedious, and fall into the larger category of "things I wish I'd made." They're the kind of work that you know will be polarizing: some will love it and others will promptly ask for 10 minutes of their life (or 20) back. But I would personally rather make videos whose rating distribution falls most commonly in the tens and ones, than a video that may also average out to a five... but from mostly middling ratings. You?

Source: Claridryl