This update brings the 4K camera in line with other Blackmagic cams in terms of frame guides (which they got back in March in firmware 2.1), and also gives a few other additions, including remembering the peaking state once the camera has been powered down. Here's what else is in the update:

  • Updated camera utility
  • Adds support for more frame guides option
  • Holding down MENU will bypass the Dashboard

It's a relatively small firmware update, but in terms of usability it can definitely make a difference. At this point Blackmagic has released updates that make all of these cameras pretty usable out of the box, not something you could necessarily say at the beginning. In-camera formatting was a big one, but now that the firmware was rebuilt to support more frequent updates, little things will likely be crossed off the list even as the newer cameras come out. 

It's going to be another waiting game to see if Blackmagic's new URSA Mini will see any significant volume when it is set to start rolling out in late July, though we could see some of their other new cameras earlier. Either way they've stated that upgrades for the big URSA to the 4.6K sensor would happen before the Mini started rolling in any real volume.

As always you can find this update over on the Blackmagic Support page here.

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