That's exactly the model behind the 2015 Reddit Film Festival: filmmakers post their work and the highest upvoted films win. Assuming the purpose of film festivals is to bring unrecognized work into the spotlight for distribution, a democratic programming method would radically change what films get released. Depending on your philosophical view of humanity, it could be for the better or for the worse. (Or stay the same?)

Either way, the Reddit Film Festival should be an interesting experiment to watch. And, if you're interested in being a part of it, you could win between $500-$2000 in cash prizes for categories in shorts, features, and web series. From Reddit:

ShowUp is sponsoring a reddit film fest with actual cash prizes! is the new online network for up-and-coming artists, and all winners are automatically invited to exhibit their work on the site as it launches October 5th, though not required to do so. The categories are broad to encourage participation and get lots of variety for voters to choose from. Voters - check back often to see the new submissions!


Rules of the Reddit Film Festival 2015:

  • Contest starts September 18th and runs until midnight US CST October 2nd.
  • Please limit this thread to actual submissions, questions about the fest are welcome as a post to ShowUp
  • The highest UpVoted work in each Category will win the prize
  • Only submit your work: you must be able to prove you own the rights to the project to receive a prize. 
  • You don't need to post personal information in this thread, we will PM you for your information after winners are determined
  • Vloggers, reels, cat videos, and "viral videos" will be removed, this is for filmmakers only, whether shot on an iphone or a Red
  • Web series must have a minimum of 3 episodes, with a run time of 5+ minutes each
  • A short is anything under 40 minutes
  • A feature is 40+ minutes
  • All music must be licensed for use OUTSIDE of YouTube. 
  • "Film Festival Only" music licenses are permitted 
  • You are allowed multiple posts, please limit it to 3 per category
  • No "Documentaries" promoting your brand unless you are an official 501c3 non profit

If you plan on submitting, good luck! 

What do you think of this programming model? What would it take to make it work?

Source: Reddit Film Festival