RØDE had a busy day today at IBC 2015, announcing six new products: two compact microphones, a new RØDELink kit geared for journalists, a digital XLR adapter for Apple iOS devices, and 2 boompoles, one of which is super lightweight and modular.

So, let's get to it!


We always complain about our cameras having bad onboard sound, but RØDE set out to change that. The VideoMicro was specifically designed to be mounted onto smaller cameras and mobile devices to provide high-quality sound without getting in the way of filming. Measuring in at just 3" and 1.5 oz., this thing is certainly portable and may prove to be a nice audio tool for bloggers, documentarians, or those who just like to capture good sound for their personal use. It has a cardioid pick up pattern, picking up audio in the front while canceling sounds from the sides, and gives a "more natural sound indoors." The VideoMicro comes with a deadcat windshield and Rycote Lyre shock mount, and is listed at $59.

To learn more about the VideoMicro features and specs, here's a video that lays them all out:

And here's an audio comparison:




VideoMic Me

The VideoMic Me may not be the right mic for your film projects, but it may be for vlogging, as well as your everyday smartphone recording. Lightweight and compact, this directional microphone connects to your smartphone mic/headphone socket, and its mounting bracket, which can be fitted on either side of your phone, is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. The VideoMic Me also comes with a furry windshield. Like the VideoMicro, this little guy will set you back $59.

Here are the specs:




RØDELink Newsshooter Kit

The RØDELink wireless system has been optimized for journalists with the new Newsshooter kit. Features include a camera-mount receiver, XLR adaptor, TX-XLR wireless XLR transmitter, one-touch sync for easy pairing, P48 phantom, battery, and continuous Micro USB power. It retails at $499 and will available in Q4 2015.

Here's a video that breaks down the features and specs:



The i-XLR digital XLR adapter allows you to connect your microphones, be they shotguns, lavs, whatever you have, to your Apple device for quick, easy, broadcast-quality recording on the go. The adapter has a headphone output, switchable +20dB boost for dynamic microphones, volume dial, easily accessible record button, and 3' cable. You can also pair the i-XLR with the new RØDE Reporter app.

Here are the features:




Boompole Pro

Weighing only 18 oz., the Boompole Pro is ideal for those who have to boom for long periods of time. While the carbon fiber construction makes it extremely lightweight and easy to handle, it's still strong enough to handle pretty much any mic to mount onto it. The twist-lock mechanisms allow the Boompole Pro to extend from 2'8" to 10' easily.

Micro Boompole Pro

Optimized for the VideoMicro, Micro Boompole Pro is as compact and lightweight as a boompole gets. Its modular design allows it to be broken down into three separate sections, and its carbon fiber rods keep it super lightweight. It reaches a maximum length of 7'2", though it can be combined with a Boompole Pro to extend it 3' further to 12'. So, if you're traveling or handling some harsh terrain, this might be the boompole to look into.

No word yet from RØDE on pricing and availability of the i-XLR or the boompoles, but we'll keep you posted.

Source: RØDE