This past week, Robert DeNiro pulled the anti-vaccination film Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe from Tribeca Film Festival's lineup, and Republican Governor Nathan Deal announced that he would veto Georgia's anti-gay HB-757 bill, both after protestations from filmmakers and industry folk. We get into both of these decisions from a filmmaker point-of-view, as well as chatting about the release of the consumer-facing virtual reality headset from Oculus, new filmmaking tools, and upcoming opportunity deadlines and indie film releases that you won't want to miss while you're busy making films.

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"We have a voice and vision, as well. I want to give young black people hope that they can make it in this industry, not that the only hope for them is sports. I only want the chance to change the world and shed light on film’s potential." 
-Varnell Pritchett

This episode is dedicated to 21-year-old aspiring filmmaker Varnell Pritchett, aka "Pop," who was working toward directing his first feature—and changing the face of the industry for black filmmakers—when he succumbed to cancer on March 26. You can help his family with overwhelming medical bills here.

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This episode of Indie Film Weekly was edited by Jon Fusco.