At SXSW this year, the cat was out of the bag: Modern filmmakers are "content creators." In keeping with this new reality, Sundance Institute and YouTube have partnered to form the New Voices Lab in Los Angeles, an offshoot of the popular Sundance Labs. The New Voices Lab is poised to "discover and support artists creating scripted short form episodic content for the digital space," according to the Sundance Institute.  

The ten selected participants will work with a medley of showrunners, creators, and episodic producers to develop their projects, which can run up to 25 minutes in length. Lab fellows will participate in intensive writing workshops, one-on-one creative story meetings, and writers' rooms, in addition to receiving guidance in marketing strategy and a year-long continuum of support after their participation.  

In order to apply, your project must be an original production in the English language, and you must be 18 years of age and a resident of the United States.

The Lab runs from November 10 - 12. You can apply here with the first 5 pages of a pilot script .