With increased spending and more platforms represented at the digital NewFronts presentations to advertisers (including an announcement by Refinery29 of directorial debuts from Kristen Stewart and Gabourey Sidibe); a new merger between Vimeo and VHX; and over 50 film & video categories in the prestigious Webby Awards, online options for filmmakers are more credible, sophisticated, and potentially lucrative than ever before. Co-host Ryan Koo and I discuss these developments, along with a controversy at this year's HotDocs festival in Toronto and some follow-up to No Film School's NAB coverage, including our exclusive in-depth demo video of Lytro's game-changing Cinema Camera. As always, the episode includes our Ask No Film School segment, plus grant and festival deadlines, upcoming indie film releases, and other notable things you might have missed while you were busy making films.

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