You're probably not about to let a baby handle your camera, but if you want to capture the world from their perspective, the new CAM Tank from Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) might be your best option.

The low profile plate lets you shoot from a very low angle without sacrificing smooth pans and tilts. The CAM Tank accepts both large camera plates as well as a direct mount, can hold up to 175 lbs., and allows 30 degrees of tilt in both directions and a 360-degree pan. 


Although the entire unit can be mounted onto a fluid head for Dutch angle shots, an MSE press release claims that, when used on its own, it gets your camera a whole foot lower than a fluid head can. This model also improves upon the classic rocker plate by adding more 3/8-16 holes vertically and horizontally on the base. 

The CAM Tank’s $1,450 price tag includes a hard travel case. Although the plate has just been made publicly available, we first encountered it at NAB earlier this year. See it in action starting at 3:19 in the video below: