Lens adapters, such as the popular iPro Lens set from Schneider, are a great way to extend the capabilities of the native camera built into your smartphone. With the right accessories, mobile cameras have been used on high end productions, including a famous ad created for Bentley on an iPhone 5S.

The new iPhone 7 Plus has thrown a monkey wrench in that ecosystem, however, with its now dual-lens design. By using both a wide and a long lens built together, the camera is natively capable of much higher image quality through a broader zoom range. With this innovative design, a whole new range of framing options is possible, but older lens adapters are mostly useless. The dual lens design requires new lens adapters, and Kamerar has just released a handy set of adapters to add more zoom and more macro to the camera.

Developed with Ztylus, the patent pending kit comes with a Fisheye/Telephoto lens and the Macro Zoom lens. Demonstrations of the Macro lens are particularly impressive for improving the close-up ability of the smartphone, which is an area where pocket cameras are often deficient.

MacroKamerar Macro Adapter image demoCredit: Kamerar

While you aren't likely to get image quality on par with a top quality cinema camera with top of the line macro glass, sometimes the best camera for the job is the one you have with you. Since most people keep their smartphone with them at all times, extending the capability of that camera to get amazing imagery in a wider variety of situations is always worth considering. The telephoto adapter would make an especially useful additional tool for pre-production scouting trips where the smartphone is your only tool but you want a great variety of framings for prep photos and visual storyboards.

Telephone_kamerar_zoomKamerar Zoom AdapterCredit: Kamerar

Announced for release in early 2017, see Kamerar for more info and to sign up for updates.